Disston D7 1928-1940 5.5 PPI Rip

This is a 26 inch rip with 6.5 inches of blade at the handle and 2.5 inches at the toe. The blade has a strong legible etch and has some light staining on the front and back. Handle is intact but the finish has cracked (but not chipping). The previous owner did scratch their name in the back of the handle. Saw looks and cuts great!


Henry Disston & SNOS - 10 Inch Backsaw

Here is a beautiful 10 inch backsaw with 13 PPI filed rip. It was made between 1888-1896. Other than the saw being over 120 years old this has another special character. This Disston saw has an error. On the stamp it says Henry Disston & SNOS, not Sons. The saw is overall in great condition. A previous owner did lightly engrave his initials in the back of the saw. This saw is ready to go and find its new home on your workbench!


W. Tyzack Sons & Turner Rip saw circa 1900

This is a beautiful Tyzack rip saw with 6 PPI. The blade is 26 inches long with 6.75 inches wide before the handle and 2.25 at the toe. The saw has a beautiful handle although the top horn as a small amount broken off. This saw was made in Sheffield, England. INV #88


Disston D8 Rip Saw with Thumbhole circa 1896-1917

This is a Disston D8 rip with 5.5 PPI. The blade is 28 inches long with a width of 7 inches before the handle and 3 inches at the toe. The handle is in good condition with both horns intact. The etch is a little degraded, around 50%, but can still make out most of the words. INV #89


If you're looking for a specific saw let me know, I keep a variety on hand.