Includes cleaning and waxing of the saw plate and also cleaning the handle and saw nuts.                                                                      

Backsaws (under 18”): $40

Handsaws and miter saws: $50

Want to clean the saw yourself? Here is how I do it: https://www.kennebecsaws.com/how-to-clean-a-saw-plate


Sharpening: Includes setting, jointing and sharpening saws in either a cross cut or rip pattern. This is done all by hand without the use of machines.

Standard rip profile: 5 degree rake, 0 degree fleam.

Standard crosscut profile: 15 degrees rake, 15 degrees fleam.

Custom rake or fleam can be done upon request.

Backsaws under 12": $35

Handsaws and backsaws over 14": $50

Miter saws: $80


Filing is necessary if the teeth on the saw are not properly filed. This is usually needed with older saws that have been improperly sharpened or maintained in the past. This requires filing the teeth prior to sharpening to ensure proper tooth geometry. Filing includes jointing, evening the gullet depth, ensuring correct rake angle, tooth size and spacing. This charge is additional to sharpening.

Backsaws (under 18"): $25-100

Handsaws and miter saws: $50-135


For saws that need completely new teeth filed. This process is done by hand and includes jointing down to the gullets and then shaping the new teeth. . If you have a low broken tooth the re-toothing charge could apply instead of filing.

Backsaws (under 18"): $75 - $150

Handsaws: $80 - $110

Miter saws: $125 - $250