Have a vintage saw that needs to be restored or sharpened?

Making Vintage Saws Sharp Again
West Gardiner, Maine
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1. You have a dull vintage saw that you can’t use.

      You need your saw hand sharpened

2. You want a vintage saw but don't own one. 

     Don’t hassle with eBay - Contact me for a worry-free saw purchase

3. You want to learn how to sharpen a hand saw.

    Download the video to become self-sufficient and sharpen your own saw

4. You have your own saw and need to maintain it.

      Purchase the best quality saw maintenance material available at low prices       

Why pay high prices for a new boutique saw when vintage saws are a fraction of the price and of high quality? 


A collection of saws that I have restored



"Niles does very nice work! I love the saw I got from him recently. It looks great and cuts great. Thanks again Niles for providing a good quality saws at a good price!!"

Tim Ruhlman, North Branch, MI

Shannon Rogers of the Hand Tool Schools reviews one of my saws.